Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the wish list

the wish list by Barbara Ann Kipfer
This is a book, that Whitney Pingree and I found at Barnes and Nobles one evening.  We had just gone bowling and felt like it was too early to part ways so we went to Barnes and Nobles in search of a book that would tell us things to do in Utah, on Wednesday evening.  Okay we knew they wouldn't have such a book, but we thought we'd give it a try anyways.
This book as 421 pages of "wishes" that you can accomplish by the time you die.  The back of the book reads "The Wish List is a wellspring of 6,000 ideas for things to do, see, taste, learn, and experience.  Including 100 illustrations, it's a compulsively readable list that sounds a call to get out there and start living."
We purchased this book, and decided we would do different things from it this summer, if we do something "wish worthy" there are spots where we can write them in ourselves.  Whitney carries this book around with her at all times so sometimes we pull it out and get to work.  This week, it is in my possession and I have been asked to list a few of the things that the book lists.  Now, some of them seem to be completely insane, and could not be done on a college student's budget in one summer, we have also modified a few, and crossed out a few (because they are against our standards.)

Ones we have checked off: (Not all of these have been done this summer)
✓ compose a perfect haiku
✓ learn sign language
✓ live closer to my family (how much closer can you get than living with them)
✓ spend a day surfing the internet
✓ overtip (We wrote "Thank You" out with change for a tip)
✓ live to see the day when cash is electronic and I can buy the paper with my "currency card" (debit/credit cards anyone!)
✓ smell the freshness of the desert after the rain
✓ learn to roller-blade
✓ experience an epiphany
✓ tell those I love how much I appreciate them
✓ learn to express myself colorfully without using profanity
✓ watch the moon rise

Ones we are in the process of checking off (✍), or want to check off (✻):
✍ Re-read all of C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia
✻ milk a cow
✻ invent a holiday
✻ volunteer at the Special Olympics
✻ become a wine expert (no we would not drink the wine, just read about it)
✍ Re-read all of the original Nancy Drew Mysteries (we will just read 3 or 5)
✍ Visit Paris
✍ bake a roll of Tollhouse cookies

There is a lot more, but I'm too busy to go through all 6,000 right now. I'll add on to this later.

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