Monday, April 16, 2012

College Students: Beware

If I wasn't already stressed out about the end of the semester and finals, today I find out there is another thing to worry about.



Yes, those cute little furry creatures that you would chase after when you were on picnics in the mountains.  Bet ya didn't know they were a reason to be worried on a college campus!  Don't worry, I wasn't aware of that either, until today.  I overheard a conversation between a lady and a teenage male as I was about to get on the bus to come home today.  I do not know the background behind the conversation, but it included the best sentence I have ever heard spoken before!  The lady said "If you can make it through the semester without squirrels bothering you, you will be fine!"  In return the teenage said, "Oh well, I haven't had a problem with squirrels yet." To which the women replied, "Oh, but you will! They are coming!!"

So to all you college students out there, beware! The squirrels are coming!  Be prepared!  If I were you I would take the advice of the park rangers in Zion's National Park and "Don't feed the squirrels!"  Together we can make it through this!!

disclaimer: yes this conversation really did happen (and I am quite positive I got the quoting right), but no, I do not agree that squirrels are a problem for college students.

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  1. That is awesome! I think that just made my day =)