Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kicking butt

7 hours.

 That is more hours than I will get to sleep tonight
That is more hours than I will spend on campus tomorrow
7 hours would get me well beyond the Utah state border, in any direction.
7 hours is like 3.5 Harry Potter movies

7 hours is the amount of time I spent doing math homework and studying for my math test.
That is practically 7 hours straight, with few breaks. I didn't even stop for dinner. I ate while I studied. I feel so productive, and accomplished.
I am also quite proud (in a good way) because I feel like I know the information.
One more day of intense studying and I think I am ready to ace is last chapt test.
Then it is on to 14 hours of studying for the final because I am kicking this math class in the butt once and for all!!!

*sidenote: 7 hours of studying math will give you a migraine, have some aleve on hand!

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