Friday, April 20, 2012

Long Over Due

Sorry folks, the semester caught up to me and I never got around to blogging about those institute stories I said I had coming.  I can only remember one story that I was for sure going to tell, but I am sure if I dig deep enough in my brain I will find a few more good stories.

So let's begin shall we.

Our first story happened a few Friday's ago.  There I sat, at a table just minding my own business. (and by minding my own business I clearly mean doing my homework :p) Colby was sitting across from me, and, if my memory serves me correctly I am quite positive he was trying to purchase some tickets to the Jazz game for that night, but they were all too expensive so he was getting upset. Like pounding the table, yelling, mumbling, upset.  To say it was funny is an understatement.  If that was the only entertainment that were to have occurred at the institute I think I would have claimed it as a success.  But it only got better.  So there we were, me doing "homework" and Colby getting upset when a boy walked into the institute game room, and into the bathroom. (There are doors to the bathroom inside the game room...)  About 5 seconds after the guy entered the bathroom we heard a faint noise, it sounded like singing.  The longer it went on, the louder the voice became.  This guy who had walked into the bathroom was definitely belting out a song at the top of his lungs.  Seriously you could hear every word he was saying.  I am quite positive everyone in the institute was thinking "Really, did that JUST happen?" Then he walks out of the bathroom, like nothing happened!! I couldn't contain my laughter any longer.  I hid my face against my backpack and died. Alicia soon joined Colby and I and we retold the story of the singing man, and Colby continued to get upset of Jazz tickets.  Sadly Alicia left us, not long after our retelling of the story.  That is when things took a turn.  A girl and a guy, who from here on out we will refer to as "the Love Birds" decided to take the name of an institute game room to heart, and turned it into the own personal play ground. They first pulled out one of those plastic helicopter things that you played with as a child. (Picture below) I am quite sure they played for a good 20 minutes.  Chasing after it, hitting people in the head, etc.  At one point Colby said "If that comes over this way I want to just break it in half." It was for good reason, I wanted to break it in half too.  I just don't think that is something you play with indoors and it was super annoying, plus they hit me with it.  He may or may have not said that a little loud and some girls who were sitting at the table next to us gave us the "stink eye" and one said "Oh come on, let them have some fun."  We may have laughed about that incident in and of itself for awhile.  Well after playing with that they pulled out a frisbee, not a hard frisbee, one that folded, but still, a frisbee.  Off went the shoes. ("the love birds" shoes, not mine..)  Out went any chance of studying (okay, by this point I wasn't doing any studying anyways.)  And cue the circus acts.  Leaping over couches, over tables, dodging people, and flying through the air in a single bound. Seriously these kids were all over the place.  At one point, Colby and I said "Just go play outside children, it's a nice day out there!!"  Again, we got the stink eye from the girl at the other table, and another comment of how we needed to let them have fun, and how we are in the game room. (Well, theres' games...and then there's activities which should be done outside...)  Which was followed by a comment from Colby informing the girl that he was from the "U" and you don't do that kind of stuff at the institute.  All of this was accompanied by a lovely girl playing the people and singing.  Mostly just Adele's "Someone Like You" over and over again.  Seriously, the institute is great.

Last week, wasn't nearly as fun as the story above.  Not even close.  Mostly it just consisted of the girl who played "Someone Like You" playing "Someone Like You" some more and Colby creating new lyrics to the song.  Then she played "Nearer My God To Thee" super slow, like they do in Titanic.  And Colby exclaimed, "NO! Not the Titanic song!!!!"  Followed later by this comment, "Do you think anyone would notice if I threw the table and yelled, the ship is sinking....the ship has sunk, and then ran out of the room."  Yes, people would notice, would I be on the floor laughing, yes. yes I would be. (Come on, you have to admit, that would be funny!)

And today, well today the best thing I saw was an institute teacher running through the hall brushing his teeth.  It was classic.  Do you brush better if you brush while running?....

the helicopter that was being played with... source

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