Monday, June 18, 2012

Make me or break me

As you all know I am currently going to school to become an Elementary teacher. I know I have written somewhere of how I can be pretty sentimental when it comes to young children and how that could be a bad thing in the teaching atmosphere. I was hoping I had gotten over my sentimental side...I haven't...

Example; this evening Kaytlin and I went to Sub-Zero ice cream after FHE. Standing in front of us was a little boy who was probably 8...maybe 9, all alone, no parents, no older siblings. First of all, who let's there child go get ice cream by themselves when they're that age?!?!?!? So I was trying to decide which ice cream I wanted when it was this little boys turn to order. He asked the young gentleman behind the counter what the cheapest thing on the menu was, so the guy told him and the little boy begins digging through his pockets. I pulled out my own money to see if I had some dollar bills to give him when a man, who was standing behind men gave his own son some money to give to this little boy. The young boy refused the money, and I turned to Kaytlin and said, I think I just want to tell him to get whatever he wants and I will pay for him. It was seriously one of the most heart wrenching things to see. I came home and was getting ready for bed and I almost started bawling because I felt so darn bad for that little boy, even though he did end up getting his ice cream.

This whole sentimental thing could really make me or break me as a teacher. I can just see myself coming home everyday and bawling because if my students....maybe I am getting to the wrong field my sentimental-ness...


  1. I am the same way for sure. Poor little boy.

  2. Poor little boy. I feel so bad for him just reading this.

  3. I think its good you're sentimental. That means you'll be a spectacular teacher because you will care about your student's lives and well-being.