Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saturday night gratitude

I am grateful for friends who let me vent
and friends who listen to me vent often
I am grateful for friends who make me laugh when I would rather be bawling
I am grateful for friends who invite me to their house to watch soccer, because they know it will make me feel better.
I am grateful for a friends mom who had the ability to get me laughing so hard I forgot about my problems for a moment.
I am grateful that my tears of sadness could be masked behind tears of laughter.
I am grateful for conversations about sports, as it has brought me closer to a friend.
I am grateful for last minute Friday night invites to backyard fires.
I am grateful for 11 o'clock Walmart runs with two of the funniest people around.
I am grateful for running into two amazing girls on Walmart runs.
I am grateful that the Lord has shown me a million things to be grateful for when all I wanted to do tonight was be bitter and grumpy. It is moments like these when I realize how blessed I am to be able to call so many wonderful people my friends.
Advice: the next time you feel like you have no friends, or you feel alone, take a step back. You will realize just how greatly blessed you are.

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