Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I need to occupy my brain with something good....something happy, or funny.  I wish my homework would just occupy my brain,'s not.

I've been in a super big funk since I got the news that the physical therapist thinks my knee is worse off.  It really shouldn't worry me that bad right now, I have a doc. appointment on Tuesday to see what he thinks.  But boy oh boy, this brain of mine....

I woke up super sore today, so I stayed home from classes.  I thought working on Festival of Trees crafts would help me clear my mind, unfortunately it didn't.  (Aunt Polly, if you read this, they're almost done!! When do you need them again?!?)  After figuring out that crafting didn't clear my mind, I attempted homework, and I am still attempting it.  It isn't doing much clearing.  I find myself researching the kind of surgery that could be possible if it is a meniscus problem, then researching the recovery time of those surgeries to see if I would be healed by the time spring semester starts.  Then I start crying, and my mind fogs up again.

I almost wish the therapist wouldn't have told me this news and he would have just told me that I needed to go see the doctor before coming in for any more therapy, then call the doctor and tell HIM the thoughts.  I need to make it through two more days of school, and  another math test with a clear mind.   Then there will only be a few more days until the doctor's appointment..I can do this.

as a side note; i am sorry this has been a downer of a blog lately, i understand if you all stop reading.  but it's therapeutic to write these thoughts down, plus it's my blog, i want to write about me, and right now, this is my life.

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  1. I won't stop reading! Like you said, it's therapeutic. Don't write what other people want to hear, lovely lady. I LOVE your blog. And I seriously hope this knee of yours gets better. It makes me sad to see you down. I think you and I need to schedule an ice cream date. Ice cream (usually) helps almost everything.

    amanda @ we and serendipity