Saturday, December 1, 2012


it is December 1st, in case you weren't aware.
With everything that has been going on in my family the past few weeks,
our Christmas decorating tradition was pushed aside.
I was really quite disappointed,
I just wanted a little bit of Christmas cheer, ya know.
My sister set up our Christmas tree the other day, but we didn't get any decorations up.
The tree she set up was one that I purchased for my apartment 
in Ephraim.  It is a tiny 6 ft. skinny tree.
It looked pathetically small in our living room this year,
so I convinced my mom that we should get our bigger tree up in our living room, 
and my tree could just go in my room.
It took a lot of convincing and deal making
(because let's be honest, there really isn't room for a tree in my room...).
Let me tell ya, I may leave the tree in my room forever and ever!

I'll let you "ooo" and "ahhh" over the tree for awhile now..

Ooooo ahhhh

This is Santa's Watch

Believe star's

I added a strand of bells above the burlap bunting
It's pretty great...right!
Let me give you a quick background as to how such gorgeous ornaments came to be mine.
A few years ago,
maybe like...4 years ago,
my mom and I were at Robert's Art and Craft store just wandering around,
I saw the "Believe" stars and fell in love.
Then I saw the red bells and fell in love even more.  
The bells actually came on strands, but I took them off the strands so that I could use them as ornaments.
It took a bit of convincing to get my mom to agree that I needed these decorations.
my mom has the same mind set as I do,
that if you think you could use it in the future,
for your own house,
then go ahead and get it, and it can be saved for that time.
So I had the bells, and the stars. 
We also got cute little blocks that say believe, and Believe in the Magic of Christmas.
I think one of the biggest reasons I fell in love with these ornaments
is because growing up, and still to this date,
"The Polar Express" was my absolute favorite Christmas book.
Then the movie came out, and oh my heck, I think I watched it daily for a month.
Both the stars and obviously the bells just screamed "The Polar Express".
I was in love. {only kidding slightly}
I found the last piece for my tree that ties it altogether.
I was at The Quilted Bear with my mom when I saw it.
I think I started crying because it was THAT perfect!
I'm talking about that cute little Santa's Watch.
It's the most adorable thing, and it goes in the middle of the tree every year.
I fought my mom on that one even harder than the rest of the decorations,
simply because it was a bit pricey..
I think there was only one of them in the store, and I was so sad because
[if i remember right]
we left the store that day without it.
A few days later to my surprise my mom gave me a present,
and I opened it only to see the watch sitting inside.
It had a little card that talk about the watch,
and how Santa uses it {which I didn't see this year...}
It really just completes the tree.  And everyone loves to look at it when they come over.
As for the bunting,
that was just recently purchased off of
I need to make a burlap tree skirt and I will be complete.

Ah... I just love Christmas.

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  1. That is a precious story. Seriously. You will always treasure that. That's for sure. The tree is gorgeous & I LOVE that burlap sign. Cute Cute Cute!

    amanda @ we and serendipity