Wednesday, March 27, 2013

it's been a long time coming

oh hey blogger world,
you're a pretty nifty place.
when i started this blog back in 2008
i only wrote for me, i didn't tell anyone about it,
and i was fine not having anyone read it.
i still write for me,
but more people read it.
i didn't think anything would come of this here blog.
alas, something has.
i've read blogs of people who meet other bloggers and it's an instant friendship.
i always thought it was cool,
a little strange, but cool.
guess what,
i experienced that today, and it was the best!
it really turns out how the blog posts says it does!
i was honored to meet the lovely 
amanda from we and serendipity today.
guys, she's amazing!
i don't even remember how i ended up reading her blog,
but i've been reading it for awhile.
once i commented on her blog, and then she commented on mine.
we had a lovely cycle of commenting on blog posts,
and then when i started having problems with my knee
she emailed me and said she had some banana bread for me and wanted to bring it by,
i kindly emailed her back on told her i was fine, i didn't need anything 
(okay, maybe i was a bit hesitant about the whole thing.. sorry amanda!)
emailing led to an exchange of phone numbers where we
began texting.
we found we had some mutual friends, asked each other questions, and checked in with each others lives.
then we began following each other on instagram and carried on conversations there.
plans to meet up were always discussed, but never followed through.
then we made plans to meet up for sushi last month,
but i had a family emergency and had to cancel with only hours left until our meeting.
oh, also, by this point we had snap-chatted and decided it was weird to 
hear each others voices for the first time.
finally finally we met up today for sushi.
first, anyone who will go eat sushi with me is guaranteed to be a great friend.
i'll be honest, i was slightly worried as to whether we'd talk during our meeting,
i'm not much of a talker on the initial meeting,
it's something i struggle with.
but, it was so great! 
conversation flowed well, and she really is so much more lovely of a person 
in person than via technology.
after lunch we departed ways with the promises of doing something again.

dear blogger world,
thanks for bringing such a great person into my life
and allowing me to trust someone so easily.

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  1. This is amazing. And I already expressed my love for you through a text...which now, you might just be creeped. YOU ARE such an awesome person & I can't wait to get to know you MORE! I love meeting new friends! Love you!