Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Everyone in the world is blessed with certain gifts,
some more than others,
some utilize their gifts better than others.
Some don't use their gifts at all, 
they sit bottled up.
Some like to be showy about their gifts,
others keep them to themselves.
The gift of listening, the gift of endearment,
the gift of being a friend, the gift of discernment, 
the gift of gift giving.  
We've all got something we're good at.
I'm here to share with you my gift,
not to boast or brag or anything,
but guys, I'm superb at this gift. 
I really don't know of anyone who is better at this than I am.
My gift, that I am sharing with you,
is the gift of being a klutz.
Didn't know that was a gift? 
Well....maybe it isn't, but I'm going to pretend it is because it makes me feel better about myself.
If that's a problem...then I suggest you move onto a different post.
Ever since I was a young tot, being a klutz has been a part of who I am.
I fractured my foot in 2nd grade walking down the ever so slight hill at my elementary school.
When I was 8, I was riding my bike and thought I was being cool going in circles and such in the road, little did I know there was a pot hole, little did I know bikes and pot holes don't go together. I proceeded to do a flip over my handle bars.  Resulting in me looking like a hillbilly. (Literally)
In 5th grade I decided it was smart to walk down the hall while my entire leg was asleep, that resulted in my falling face first in the middle of the hallway, surrounded by what felt like every other student in the school.
In middle school, it never failed, I would slip in water, in the hallway, after lunch, before peer tutoring, while I was with the same friends.  
I'm also pretty positive that I slipped down the most obnoxious hill in the hallway as well.
In high school I again, fractured my foot, not sure how, but I ended up "wearing" a boot for a few weeks.
Stairs are my enemy, I fall up them, down them, everything.
resulted in my best klutz moment in a while.
I stepped off my friends door step (something I've done a million times) and somehow ended up
twisting my:
and hamstring.
Oh let me mention that it's my knee that I had surgery on 5 months ago.

Guys, this gift is the BEST! 

In case you don't know... the part about the gift of being a klutz being the best, is sarcasm.  But if I don't joke about it, I will cry due to the pain, and since I'm about to walk out of my house to go out in public, crying is not an option.

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  1. Aww. I LOVE your sarcasm and optimistic attitude. Seriously. What would I do without your fabulous example? Thinking about you!