Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Celebrate {others}

I love the above quote,
so so so much! 
I strongly believe in celebrating accomplishments, of any size.
Whether it's a simple, "Yay!! You did it!" or throwing a surprise party.
It's especially helpful when you're feeling down on yourself to celebrate the accomplishments of others.
You forget about yourself and your self pity's
and you focus on the good. 
This past Thursday my best friend since 7th grade, Savannah, graduated from the University of Utah.
I knew for a few months that I wanted to do something special for her.
So I rallied the troops (Jaci and Kaytlin) and we came up with a plan.
A banner and balloons is all we had in mind,
but boy oh boy, it turned out so much better than simply banners and balloons.
Jaci and I painted the banner on Tuesday and Wednesday night, with a few scares of it ripping on Wednesday due to the wind. 
Thursday was HECTIC!
I worked from 4:30 until 7:30 in Riverton,
I was supposed to be at the Harmon's in Midvale to help pick up
3 dozen balloons at 7:30. 
Talk about mad dashing to the store, and shoving the three dozen balloons into the jeep.
Then it was a quick dash home to get some supplies
and then another mad dash to Savannah's house to meet Kaytlin and Jaci and get everything set up.
Things finally calmed down and the mad dashing was decreased.
We took some time to enjoy the moment of setting up the surprise,
turned the balloons into tails and filled the evening air with laughter.
Once we got the banner up and the balloons in place,
we realized we had some extra time, and we were missing a few things.
We're lucky Savannah lives super close to the dollar store,
so off we went.
We went originally looking for some noise makers
however, when we got there we realized the dollar store has an amazing assortment of all things glow sticks and Savannah happens to be the number one advocate of glow sticks. 
So, noise makers and glow sticks were purchased and the waiting began.
I am sure we looked crazy sitting by their living room window, and looking out their peep hole waiting to see the headlights of their car. 
The anticipation was worse than that of Christmas Eve, 
we just wanted her to get home!
We finally saw the headlights and we start yelling "headlights, headlights!!" 
then booked it outside blowing our noise makers and waving our glow sticks.
The look on her face was priceless and made all of the hectic-ness from earlier all worth it.

Yay for blurry self-timer pictures! 

three dozen balloons

Our glow stick purchases!

Kaytlin's lovely glow stick tail

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  1. how FUN. Seriously that looks great!! You are an amazing friend. I have some friends who just get jealous. If I were to graduate, instead, they wouldn't be happy for me. It doesn't make sense. So celebrating your friends triumphs with them is a TRUE friend. Cute pictures!