Friday, July 19, 2013

busy busy busy

do you ever feel like you have scheduled yourself to be so busy that you feel like you don't have time to breathe? that's me right now, but i need to vent to get rid of some frustration. the past few weeks has been so, ridiculously, insanely crazy.  i'm in the midst of a rushed summer math class, planning a bridal shower that seems like there is no end, working, babysitting, crafting for the bridal shower, and trying to get ready for a trip to bear lake.  it's crazy folks.  luckily tomorrow is the bridal shower, but i feel like nothing is done, and we still have a billion things to do.  (anyone want to make paper fans, write on a chalkboard, or make cupcakes for me?) [also, i feel like i took on the hardest projects of the shower, in hopes that it would make my friends lives easier, crazy, i know.] i did an entire day math cram the other day, and that's all the studying i have done for the test i take in an hour [hope it pays off].  for the past few days i've been worried that i was going to get fired from work because they scheduled me to work saturday, but since i have the shower, i can't.  so there's that added stress.  bear lake is coming up quicker than imaginable and it's stressing me out a little more than necessary. in the midst of this my room has taken a toll and is a disaster which is adding to the stress in my life.

and the worst part of it all........i was blessed with the family genetic of really bad eczema and i was extra blessed that when i get stressed i break out really bad. so my hands are covered in lovely sores that make getting all these things done a little harder. oy....i need a break.

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  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry about your eczema. Is there anything I can do for you. Summers can be so fun but at the same time, you don't want to be so busy that you can't even breathe! I hope you & I can fit time into our crazy schedules to see each other. After all, it's long overdo.