Saturday, July 13, 2013

country girl

what can i say,
country is in my blood.
my dad grew up in sanpete county
many "vacations" growing up consisted of driving to price for the weekend
or ephraim for a day.
country music has been my go to music, for as long as i can remember.
the country in me grew while i lived in ephraim.

so it's only natural that when the summer comes around 
rodeo's call my name
unfortunately, i don't have many friends who would jump at the chance
to watch horses, cows, and bulls run around an arena.
(i can't understand why not..)
so when i realized this weekend was the draper rodeo
i realllllllllllly wanted to go.
i started begging my sister to go with me
but she's heading up to girls camp next week (as a leader)
so she has been super busy all weekend.

my sister was on the phone with my cousin on friday night
and learned that my cousins family was going to the rodeo that night.
what do i do?
invite myself along of course.
(it's a good thing my family loves me, or tolerates me...)
luckily my cousin readily agreed to pick me up on her way out.

we ended up just hanging out at my aunts house for awhile
before heading to the rodeo,
and my family kept telling me they were sorry we didn't go right away
and one cousin said she felt bad i came all the way out to just sit at her mom's house.
rest assured family,
i loved it.
it was fantastic to spend some time with my cousins,
and when we got to the rodeo i couldn't have been happier.
so it was worth the wait.

if you've never experienced a rodeo,
get yourself to one pronto,
probably an outdoor one and not an indoor one (like the Day's of '47 one is..)
because being outside is what makes the experience that much better.

(please excuse the oh so lovely instagram/iphone pictures...)

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