Tuesday, July 9, 2013

weekend getaway

at the very last minute possible 
i decided to take off to bear lake for the weekend with my sister and her in-laws.
her in-laws have a tiny little house on the south end of the lake,
in the smallest little town

this is the second time i have gone up there with them,
and i have fallen in love.

i wasn't going to go up.
in fact, thursday night i told my sister i wasn't going to go.
friday morning i woke and my dad asked how i was,
and i said "good, but i want to go to laketown"
and with that, i scrambled to get ready.
i knew in my heart i was going up to avoid the weekend.
see, i really wanted to be in california for the angels vs. red sox game.
so this weekend was a weekend i wanted to skip.
i figured if i went to laketown i wouldn't have internet access so i would be golden.
i could forget about the games and enjoy the weekend.

well... that kind of happened
but i somehow had enough internet access on my phone to get the
updates on the game from espn,
and enough cell service to get phone calls from my friend who was at the game,
to inform me that the angels won and i would be eating my words.

although, i still had access to those games,
i was relieved to be away from home.
the country up there is beautiful!
we took the four wheelers out for a ride up the mountain side,
i lucked out and got to just sit back and enjoy the scenery this ride.
i did a lot of self reflection on that ride and really just took in the scenery and fresh air.
we rode out a brief (but wild) storm inside the house
then quickly left to get a shake before we got hit again.
a storm never happened again that night,
but i was able to witness one of the most spectacular sunsets ever.

saturday was spent at the lake

taking in the sun and really just relaxing.
saturday night after dinner and a drive through garden city
my sister, brother-in-law, my sister's mother-in-law, and i
played "lacrosse" (really just toss, but with lacrosse sticks) for awhile in their yard before another storm rolled in.
then we walked around the entire town. 
it was super humid and clouds threatened to dump on us,
but it was so nice!

perhaps i liked this vacation because i never got ready for the day....

on sunday i woke up early and headed down the street for church.
i love church up there in laketown.
something about the mix of visitors taking a break from the vacation, to the locals, just adds a special little spirit to the whole meeting

as much as i wanted to be in california, i think laketown was where i needed to be this past weekend, as i was able to really take a look at my life, and see things from a different viewpoint.

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