Friday, August 9, 2013

{another one bites the dust}

okay, okay, maybe that's a bit harsh, but it's kind of the truth. on wednesday my best friend (not one of..but THE best friend) got married.  i'm happy for her, truly i am. but we all know how i feel about weddings right now. with each reception i attend, it gets a little harder to be happy, ya know. but, never fear! i'm finding happiness amongst all of these weddings.

anyways, kaytlin got married to spencer. in the salt lake temple.  jaci, savannah, and i were able to go and be there for when they came out. when she came out, and looked at me, and i could see how truly happy she is, that is when i found it in me to be overly happy for me. [yes, it took me their whole engagement to be completely happy...i'm selfish, i was losing my best friend, i wanted to sulk]
it was a beautiful day, and the weather cooperated lovely, even though it threatened to rain.

and now...enjoy some pictures, including some of her bridals which i was able to take.

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