Friday, August 9, 2013


because who doesn't love hearing about all the receptions i attend?  [trust me this one ends well, keep reading!]

so...i ride the bus to school. last fall semester i rode it with my friend arielle.  i'm not 100% how this next part came about. i think arielle had a class with james, and we found that james and his friend devan rode the same bus as us.  one day we all got off the bus and devan pointed at someone [i thought he was pointing at me] and said "hey! what's your name?" I said "...Jana.."and he responded with a "her, NOT you!!" [her being arielle] i was a bit taken a-back... arielle and i continued walking, being followed by devan and james.  we got half way across campus and i totally thought they were gone so i turned to arielle and said "you have got to introduce me to these guys sometime."  arielle laughed, turned and said "jana, james. james, jana." and from there a beautiful friendship was formed.  filled with nicknames and inside jokes.

today, james got married. arielle and i attended his reception. and just as we did with chase's we played a little round of "4 weddings".  this time however, we sported the fake engagement rings and avoided some potentially awkward moments.  arielle and i were in love with james and annie's love for one another, which spread to everyone at the reception.  the vintage feel of the whole reception was adorable!  we loved that even though we had never met annie, she came and hugged us and said i don't know you, but i've heard all about you guys, as they were running off to have their first dance.

the best/funniest/scariest/weird part of the night came as we were walking back to the car and saw a jeep drive down the street shining a flashlight out the window.  as the jeep passed us and the flashlight shone on us, we didn't think much of it. until the car stopped, turned around and drove past us.  arielle thought the people in the jeep looked creepy, and suggested we run.  which we didn't. until the car stopped and started to turn around again.  then we booked it, straight back to the car where we quickly locked the doors.... so we literally ran for our lives from the reception.... oh the memories..


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