Friday, January 17, 2014


I'm feeling quite blessed right now.  For many reasons really, but there is one reason in particular that I feel like shouting "I'm the luckiest person alive!!" (Okay...maybe I'll share two reasons.)

When this semester started I found out that changes had been made to the requirements to get into the Elementary Education program.  On paper, I wasn't going to be able to apply to start the program in the fall.  After a night of not worrying about it, and a day spent completely worried about it, I made a decision.  The decision should have been hard, but it wasn't.  I made the decision to switch my major to Early Childhood.  The hardest thing about the switch was knowing I'd only be getting an associates degree, after working so long for a bachelors degree.  But it felt good, and I was excited.  The next day I went to talk to my advisor about switching majors, and after she looked at my transcripts she said, "No, I think you'll get into the program.  We can make some exceptions because the changes are so new."  So I left her office with two options...I had the application for the program in hand, and a plan to switch some classes to help get closer to the Early Childhood degree.  I feel incredibly blessed that I have two wonderful options within my grasp.

So..that class changed I talked about up there...its a bit difficult.  The class is every Thursday from 4:00-6:50 pm in Orem.  I ride the train down to school.  It's been an adventure trying to get home that late.  The train starts running every half hour but the buses to get to the train run every hour.  I was really worried that I would get stranded on campus, because I always seem to miss the bus.  I shared my concerns on Facebook and Instagram, and luckily...oh so luckily I was blessed with the best cousins you could ever want, and a good portion of them all happen to live in Provo.  I was filled with so much gratitude for these cousins who were saying I could call them at any time, and they would come get me, or inviting me to stay with them if I ever needed to.  That first Thursday class, I was really really nervous.  So I called my cousin Tammi and asked if she could just come get me after my class.  When she answered the phone the very first words she said were..."I was hoping you'd call me!" Even though my class ended when she was supposed to be going somewhere with here family, she still came and got me.  Then, last night class ended a bit early, so I booked it outside and watched as the bus pulled away.  I was devastated, I just wanted to go home.  I decided to call my cousin Kristina who lives like 5 minutes from campus, again, she was more than willing to come get me.  I got on the train home feeling so loved, and so grateful for my cousins.

I didn't grow up near most of my cousins, and most of them are a few years older than I am.  For a long time they were just people I'd see every once in a blue moon. The older I got the closer I wanted to be with my family.  But it still seemed like this unattainable task.  Over the past few years though, and especially within the last year, that has changed, and I am so grateful.  It's a wonderful feeling that when you feel like you're losing all of your friends that you know you have 1.2 billion cousins to have your back.  (1.2 is an exaggeration, but I do have a lot of cousins.)

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