Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Good Riddance 2014

Oh 2014,
I loved you, I hated you, I wanted you to last forever, and I wanted you to end.
I've learned a number of lessons, and learned a great deal about myself.
At the end of 2013, I came up with a word to live by in 2014.
That word was "Brave".
I did pretty well at the beginning of the year, but I feel it went downhill as the year went on.  Although, my coworker pointed this out to me...
"Brave does not begin to describe what you are doing. School full time being with your little kiddos, then coming to work and dealing with us. Give yourself some credit girl" maybe...maybe I did semi okay in that respect.
But now... onto the monthly recap!

January brought the realization of how much family means to me.  I learned just how much my cousins love me as they sacrificed their time to make sure I made it to the train to get home on time.

I also told myself in January that I was going to change...I was going to become the person I wanted to become.

January was also the month I stopped talking to my best friend.

I spent a lot of time with my childhood best friend in February as she sat laid in her hospital bed after a freak sledding accident.  I learned a lot about her and our friendship that month.

I went to Phoenix for Spring Training.  One of the highlights of my year.  We were stranded in the airport for 10 hours and were still able to come home smiling.

I enjoyed book club, and was grateful for the friendships it helped grow.

I went to Idaho Falls for my first time, for the wedding of a dear friend.  We even went to the Idaho Falls library for a book sale!

I spent Thursday nights either photographing T-Ball teams, or watching my favorite 6 year old play T-Ball, which made me grateful for his mom!

I blogged about why "Returned Missionary" isn't on my list of what I want in a future spouse. I stand by my wards, full heartedly. 

My friend got home from his mission...I prematurely thought our friendship would be the same it was two years ago.

I went to a Bee's game with a group of friends.  They're the best.  Really, truly! 

I was present at the Stake FHE when my stake got the "skank of the year" award.

I attended the Mormon Bachelorette casting call, just so a friend could see her friend, but it was still fun!

Finally, I went to St. George for a week with the three of the greatest girls ever!

I officially quit my photography job, and worked at Seagull Book.  I missed my photography job every day. 

Had a fourth of July breakfast with friends, went to the Sandy festivities with them, and then watched fireworks with my favorite second family. 

I said goodbye to my hero, my motivator, my Grandfather.  He actually passed away of July 31, but his funeral was in August. It was a hard time for me.  It was hard to see him go down hill health wise so fast.  He his greatly missed, but I know he is watching over us and is happier now.

I became an aunt to the cutest little boy in the world!

I said farewell to 23 and hello to 24.  I celebrated with a dinner at The Olive Garden and time spent with my twin. 

I officially switched my major to Early Childhood Education, and met one of my dearest friends thanks to practicum.

Between August and September, I filled my love for musicals by attending Hale Center Theater twice.

I dressed up for Halloween for the first time in years, hello hunter attire!

I fell in love with 12 little boys, and 4 little girls.  My preschool class took my heart in their hands and wrapped me around their little fingers!

I gained the friendship with my cousin I have longed for my whole life.  I loved spending my afternoons with Tammi and loved the hugs from her children, especially when I got to spend the night at their home.

I admitted to running from my problems, number one being running from my ward.  I had admitted to a friend months before that I was beginning to be inactive, but kept it hidden from everyone else. 

I celebrated Thanksgiving with my entire family.  It was lovely, aside from my homework.

I worked Black Friday, but with some of my favorite people so it cross canceled each other.

I didn't think I would make it through finals, I did, and I graduated.

I missed Christmas Eve at my Grandma's house for the second time in my life, and I spent the evening bawling. 

I went downtown to see the lights at Temple Square and enjoyed every minute of the 3 hours spent down there.

I went bowling with my friends ward, spent some time with an old friend, and realized I'm still horrible at bowling!

2014 really was a great year.  Though I am excited to see what 2015 has in store for me.
I chose my "word" to live by a few weeks ago.  Acceptance.  Acceptance of the circumstances that Lord puts me in, acceptance of the people that come into my life (or leave), and most importantly acceptance of myself. Life can only go up hill from here!  Happy New Year and may you find that 2015 brings you everything you want!

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