Monday, February 16, 2015

Visiting Teaching

The other day I was at work, when I found out that a girl who was subbing at our school was my visiting teaching companion.  Yes, I realize how strange that is but, I hadn't been attending my own ward for about six months.  I was talking to my co-workers about it and one of them who is a non-member asked what visiting teaching is and when we told her that it is a program where the sisters in the ward are given assignments to just check up on the sisters each month she responded by saying "That is such an awesome program!"  Then, last night I attended an amazing fireside with Sister Tanner who wrote the book "Daughter's in My Kingdom".  The question "How has Relief Society been a refuge for you?" was posed several times throughout the night.  I had a resounding answer in my heart to that question, and the answer is... visiting teaching.

I've been blessed with some incredible visiting teachers over the past few years.  Some have been my friends before they were called as my visiting teachers, some have become my friends because of visiting teaching, and some I'm still getting to know.   We were asked to discuss with our neighbor some of our thoughts and this is what I had to say....

"I never thought it was possible to have your visiting teacher become one of your closest friends.  Over the past few weeks my life has been a bit of a struggle, there have been highs, lows, and even deeper lows.  I found myself turning to a former visiting teacher turned dear friend, instead of the friends I've known the longest.  When I needed a hug she was there to give me 20.  When I needed kleenexes during an emotional Fast and Testimony meeting she went on a mission to get me one.  When I needed someone to sit with during sacrament meeting she was there to save a seat.  She knew my favorite candy without even having to ask, and was a listening ear when I just needed to talk.  She never gave up on me when I went to a different ward, and continued to check up on me, even though she didn't have to anymore.  Relief Society and visiting teaching has been a refuge because it gave me a friend for a life time.  That is something that can never be replaced!"

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