Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Knee..

Dear knee you are not funny. You think you are, but really you're not. I know you think it is a great deal of fun to cause me pain at any given moment, and I know you love to watch me hobble around like a 90-year old grandma, well guess what! I don't like the pain, and I don't appreciate looking like a 90-year old, I'm only 20! Remember back last year, right when I first moved to Ephraim; reading this post , and seeing this picture. Well, it isn't cut up, bruised, bloody, or swollen anymore, and it doesn't look like that picture. In fact, if you weren't me, you'd never know that it was a bother anymore. But let me tell you, I think I messed up my poor knee pretty badly. There are days when it kills my poor knee to do anything. The other day I smacked my knee on the steering wheel of the car, and almost passed out from the immense pain that was radiating through my leg. As much as it hurts, when I think of th incident that caused this pain, I can't help but laugh. It was pretty funny, now that I can look back at it. I mean, I know I'm a clutz, but really...tripping over a small crack in the sidewalk, in a levi skirt, and trying to grab my roommate Courtney to help stabilize myself and having her move quickly, thinking I was a weirdo. Trying to find someone who had ice in their freezer that I could use, and then finally finding some and having the girl who eventually did give me some, questioned me on my reasoning for it, thinking I was going to do something illegal with it... Grossing out my neighbors when they saw why I was limping, and couldn't sit on the ground (which I stupidly did, all to watch a few episodes of "The Office) because let's be honest, that thing looked nasty after it happened! All the trips to the doctors in Ephraim, getting mad at the clinic for only taking appointments. It may be a painful memory, but it is definitely a great one for me, (is that weird?!)

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