Saturday, February 4, 2012


sometimes I face my fears...
Today, I faced this one.

sometimes I reminisce on times past.
Yesterday I reminisced on these..

Today, I reminisced while listening to this.

sometimes I would like to be unsocial.
Today, I am going to a friends house instead of bed.

always sometimes I am hard on myself
Today, I read this
Things must change

sometimes I hear songs, and they make me miss people.
Right now, it is this song,
and this person. (I put this song on her wedding video that is why I thought of her..)

sometimes I plan road trips
Today I realized how poor I am, and said "I may not be able to go."
And I want to cry. 

sometimes I wish people would listen
Today, I will keep my feelings to myself

sometimes I wish I was done with school.
Then I realize that means growing up, wish no longer.

sometimes I am overly sarcastic.
Today, I am regretting that.

sometimes I remember lessons learned
And change my attitude about my life right now.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely.
    I have a sarcasm problem. Sometimes it's more problematic than I would like to hope.
    And isn't it lovely how reminiscent music naturally is?