Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 {a review}


  • I took, and did not succeed in passing the Praxis test.
  • Daily gratitude, to help realize life isn't too hard.
  • Decision to try and sale my photography.
  • A Snow College reunion was had.
  • A "Dinner Date with an Old Friend", it was awkward, but it was good.
  • Homework overload, I thought I'd die.
  • I stayed out way past the time I normally do on a school night (2 am.), watching The Bachelor and eating Domino's Pizza.  My mother was not very happy with me.
  • Running.  Life caught up to me, and hit me hard.  So I ran away from my problems, and it was the best thing I could have possibly done.

  • Fabio entered my life, he's a great soul.
  • Trouble, my best friend, left to Hawaii on her mission.  Two friends came home from missions.
  • Bread and Butter nights were created, they happened every Thursday.
  • I played mom for a week, and got to hang out with my favorite guy ever.
  • City Creek opened, we braved the crowds on opening night, and got to hear Eclipse perform.
  • Crazy squirrels were rumored to be wandering the UVU Campus
  • Procrastination brought about music finds.
  • A trip to The Gateway, a planetarium show, my first tasting of Sushi, and the start of a great friendship.
  • Lesson on not judging others.  Those you judge could become some of your greatest friends.
  • Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure
  • Another "moving home was good for me" post, and a tour of Sanpete.
  • I experienced an emotional roller coaster, that I am still riding.
  • Declaring laughter as the best medicine.
  • Random, hilarious letter received in the mail. (and the beginning's of the knee problem)
  • A run in with a little boy at the ice cream shop had me wondering if I was in the right major.
  • A phone call with my aunt, that ended with her telling me my uncle was impressed with me and that I was a sharp girl, closest thing to an I love you that I could remember.
  • Planned a surprise birthday party for Savannah, Minute-To-Win-It style.
  • Trip to St. George with friends, most details went untold.
  • Received a nasty burn as I spent way too much time at Bear Lake.  It was worth it. 
  • Spent the night at Alicia's, making desserts, drinking from fancy straws, and awaking the next morning to find Alicia stuck on the top bunk.
  • I randomly decided that I was a hiker...and took a hike, that included some slipping and sliding.
  • Bracey came into my life, if only I knew then what I know now.
  • I decided I enjoy wearing guys clothes a bit too much, and I cut my hair.
  • I went to the hot air balloon festival, and enjoyed Sonic slushies aftewards.
  • I attended the Brigham City Temple open house, twice.  It was beautiful.
  • Birthday celebrations, for a week.
  • Realizing why my best friend is my best friend, and drive up the canyon.
  • A life changing phone call was received.
  • Sidewalk singing for General Conference, something I wish I could do every year.
  • Physical Therapy kicked my trash, and tried to teach me patience, but then I took a step backwards. But it also got me compliments on my shoes.
  • I went to the crazy cornmaze, and found that I would rather not rush through the maze, but take my time, even if I get lost a billion times.  I also went to a Utah football game!
  • 3 years, came and went far too fast.
  • The loss of my cousin took a toll on me, but I found comfort in family, friends, and the closure of a fireman's final salute.
  • Stood in line on Thanksgiving night at Walmart for an iPad for a friend.
  • A surgery date was scheduled.
  • Final call for Festival of Trees crafts.
  • Tried to squeeze in some Christmas activities... Gingerbread house making, gift wrapping, dressing as reindeer to go caroling.
  • Surgery date came, and went.
  • Struggled with the idea of not being with my entire family on Christmas.
  • Thought of who I aspire to be in life.

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